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Confusion As An Operating Principle: Cort Day, Geoffrey Nutter, and the Contemporary “Sonnet-esque” Sequence

As Reviewed By: John Erhardt The Chime by Cort Day Alice James Books ($11.95) A Summer Evening by Geoffrey Nutter Colorado/Center For Literary Publishing ($14.95) At some point, poets stopped writing about what they knew and began writing about what they didn’t know (I can’t think of a single good reason to try and pinpoint […]

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F. D. Reeve’s Tales

Reviewed: The Moon and Other Failures by F. D. Reeve. Michigan State University Press, 1999. $17.95 (paper). 65 pages. The Urban Stampede and Other Poems by F. D. Reeve. Michigan State University Press, 2001. $18.95 (paper). 80 pages. Lately I have been thinking about what constitutes, or might constitute, popular poetry. While working on an […]

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Geoffrey Hill: The Poet in Winter

As Reviewed By: John Drexel The Orchards of Syon by Geoffrey Hill. Counterpoint, 2002. $23.00 I ought, in the interests of full disclosure, to begin with a confession: Geoffrey Hill was my thesis tutor–i.e., my academic advisor–when I was a graduate student at Leeds University in the late 1970s. Our relations were entirely formal, occasionally […]

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