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Telling the World

As Reviewed By: J. K. Halligan

Invisible Ink by George Starbuck. Edited by Kathryn Starbuck and Elizabeth Meese. The University of Alabama Press, 2002. 82 pp.continue reading...

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Berryman & Shakespeare

Reviewed: Berryman’s Shakespeare: Essays, Letters, and Other Writings by John Berryman. Edited by John Haffenden. Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1999. 416 pages.

In the introduction to Berryman’s Shakespeare, John Haffenden, the book’s editor and an early biographer of Berryman, admits: “No one who reads this volume will be looking for permanent scholarship: they will be looking for the poet’s reflections on another artist, and for the poet’s critical insights….” While Shakespearean text specialists might ignore Berryman’s scholarly work, lovers of Berryman’s poetry will pore over these pages, simply moved to be back in the presence of Berryman’s brilliant mind with fresh material at hand.… continue reading...

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Slightly Lovely Stuff

As Reviewed By: William Gibson

Last Poems by James Schuyler. Slow Dancer Poetry, 1999. £7.99

James Schuyler, the Chicago born winner of the 1981 Pulitzer prize, is dead–and has been since 1991.… continue reading...

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