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Wakka-Wakka Sing-Song: D.H. Tracy on Vijay Seshadri

Reviewed: The Long Meadow by Vijay Seshadri. Graywolf Press, 2005. “Moving on to the next slide,” says Seshadri, in a put-on lecture about a genius painter done in by his own powers of self-abnegation: we can see, twisted and deliberately coarsened as it is, the exact same theme, revisited now with an ambition and gigantism […]

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Extremely Difficult & Occasionally Unpleasant: The Poetry of Samuel Beckett

As Reviewed By: Andrew Goodspeed There is no key to Samuel Beckett’s poetry. It is a body of work that can be as oblique, resistant, and complex to the scholar as it is to a novice reader. Even his fervent admirers tend to regard it as recondite and baffling. For those unconvinced by Beckett, the […]

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