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The Blue Butterfly: Andrew Frisardi on Richard Burns

Reviewed: The Blue Butterfly by Richard Burns. Salt Publishing, 2006.

That Richard Burns is not as well known as his poetry merits, even in his native England, is a situation for which I can think of a couple of reasons.… continue reading...

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“What is the Language Using Us For?”

As Reviewed By: John Drexel

New Collected Poems by W. S. Graham. Edited by Matthew Francis, with a foreword by Douglas Dunn. Faber & Faber, 2005

What is the language using us for?

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The Verse Hard-wired

Harbour Lights by Derek Mahon. The Gallery Press, 2005.

As Reviewed By: Alfred Corn

Myths about poetry and its production resist rational criticism, and we may be wasting our time trying to deconstruct the fable that English-language poetry has unfolded under what might be called a presiding genius, a directive energy moving from place to place at different points in history.… continue reading...

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