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In Memoriam: Sarah Hannah (1966-2007)

Reviewed: Longing Distance by Sarah Hannah. Tupelo Press, 2004 Inflorescence by Sarah Hannah. Tupelo Press, 2007 In May 2007, the talented and vibrant poet Sarah Hannah died tragically young, leaving behind a small but impressive oeuvre, her bereft family and friends (including this author), and many devoted students. As a person and a writer, Sarah […]

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The Unadorned Life: Andrew Frisardi on John Haines

The eye becomes concentric through contact with nature. – Paul Cézanne John Haines is well known as a writer who has communicated not only his rare experience of homesteading in Alaska, but also a view of modern society as seen from the perspective he gained there. Ever since I discovered Haines’s poetry in an anthology […]

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