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Special Sections
Dana Gioia introduces the tenth anniversary edition of his book Can Poetry Matter?

William Logan: Reputations of the Tongue (1999)
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18

William Logan: Desperate Measures (2002)
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18

CPR Classic Readings
John Drexel provides Louis MacNeice with a Classic Reading.
David Rothman reads "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" by W. B. Yeats.
Paul Lake remembers a poem by Donald Davie.
David Yezzi looks "At Melville's Tomb" by Hart Crane.

In December 2004: In Memoriam
Christopher Bakken examines the final identity of Czeslaw Milosz.
Katy Evans-Bush mourns the passing of Michael Donaghy.
Ernest Hilbert remembers the life and work of Thom Gunn.
Sunil Iyengar considers the career of Donald Justice.
Preston Merchant pays tribute to Anthony Hecht.
Jan Schreiber admires the achievements of Anthony Hecht.
James Rother admires his old teacher Hugh Kenner.

In November 2004: the Business of Poetry
Garrick Davis interviews the Po-Biz auditors at Foetry.
Joan Houlihan proposes new legislation: No Poet Left Behind.
Joan Houlihan conducts an unscientific survey of recent MFA graduates.
Marc Pietrzykowski considers the reform of the MFA programs.
J. S. Renau reads through a thousand classroom syllabi.

In April 2004: Indian Poetry in English
Preston Merchant reviews the collected works of A. K. Ramanujan.
Ravi Shankar considers two contemporary Indian poets.
Rabindra K. Swain reads a poem by Jayanta Mahapatra.
Rabindra K. Swain and Preston Merchant interview Jayanta Mahapatra.
Preston Merchant lists the best books of Indian poetry.

In January 2004: Robert Lowell Special Issue
Aaron Baker wonders at all the recent "Lowell-mania".
Christopher Bakken counts up Robert Lowell's sonnets.
Sunil Iyengar looks at the reason in madness of Lowell's art and life.
Anthony Moore weighs the thousand pages of the Collected Poems.
James Rother rates Lowell's legacy as a translator.

In July 2006: Elizabeth Bishop Special Issue
Carol Bere wanders though the drafts of Bishop's poems.
Daniel Bosch wavers before buying Poe & the Jukebox.
Alfred Corn considers the Muse's craftiness in Bishop's art.
Mariana Houskova weighs the scholarship of Alice Quinn's editing.

In October 2007: Louis MacNeice Special Issue
Ernest Hilbert introduces this special issue.
Sunil Iyengar reviews the Bio and interviews Jon Stallworthy.
Maria Johnston delights at his new Collected Poems.
John Drexel provides Mac Neice with a Classic Reading.
Katy Evans-Bush reads through his Autumn Journal.
James Matthew Wilson enjoys the Journal from Iceland.

In April 2008: X. J. Kennedy Special Issue
Ernest Hilbert interviews X. J. Kennedy.
David Mason tackles the light verse of X. J. Kennedy.
Jan Schreiber delights in a close reading of X. J. Kennedy's Pacifier.
Catherine Tufariello measures the mass of X. J. Kennedy's New & Selected Poems.
Sonny Williams reads X. J. Kennedy's Verses for Children.

In September 2008: Tom Disch Memorial Issue
Dan Brown lingers over the last verses of Tom Disch.
Ben Downing remembers Tom Disch.
Eric Ormsby heeds the hefty measures of Tom Disch.
Sunil Iyengar wonders at the work ethic of Tom Disch.
David Yezzi savors the satire of Tom Disch.


Aaron Baker
The Strangeness of James Dickey
A review of the career of American poet James Dickey (2004).

Passing Facts
A review of Robert Lowell's Collected Poems (2004).

A survey of second books by four young poets (2005).

Poetry's Embedded Soldier
A review of the soldier-poet Brian Turner's debut collection (2006).

Christopher Bakken
Herb Leibowitz & Parnassus
An interview with the editor of Parnassus magazine, Herb Leibowitz (2004).

In Fourteen Lines
A review of Robert Lowell's Collected Poems (2004).

Plains Pastoral
A review of the career of American poet B. H. Fairchild (2006).

Carol Bere
Within the Jurisdiction of Form
A review of the selected prose of the Irish poet Seamus Heaney (2005).

Rising from the Ashes
A review of the restored edition of Sylvia Plath's Ariel (2005).

Daniel Bosch
Non-Correspondence School
A review of the American fascination with Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet (2005).

Dodge Bulletin
A review of the Dodge Poetry Festival (2007).

Peter Campion
Logue Generals
A review of Christopher Logue's All Day Permanent Red (2003).

Alfred Corn
No Kidding
A review of first books by Ben Downing and David Yezzi (2004).

Anger Management
Mr. Corn reviews the career of American poet August Kleinzahler (2006).

Than Longen Folk...
Mr. Corn meditates on the connection between pilgrimages and poetry (2007).

Verse Hard-wired
A review of Derek Mahon's book, Harbour Lights (2007).

Bill Coyle
Carmine's CanLit
A review of the critical prose of Canadian poet-critic Carmine Starnino (2008).

Garrick Davis
Toward the New Futurism
A discussion of the most neglected art movement of the 20th century.

The Innocent Ear
Mr. Davis reflects on the popular disdain for versification (2005).

Remembering Villiers
Mr. Davis hails the great French poet Villiers de L'Isle-Adam (2005).

The Importance of The Cantos
A discussion of The Cantos, Ezra Pound's epic poem (2004).

The Golden Age of Poetry Criticism
A discussion of Modernism and the great age of criticism (2003).

Hart Crane: American Futurist
A discussion of how Futurism influenced the great American poet.

The Breakdown of Criticism Before the Printed Deluge
Mr. Davis discusses the problems of recent poetry criticism (1998).

Pearls in Heaps of Sawdust
Mr. Davis reviews Joshua Clover's Madonna anno domini (1998).

Misunderstanding Ezra Pound
Mr. Davis reviews four books of academic criticism on the poet.

Lessons of the Masters: T. S. Eliot
Mr. Davis discusses the relationship between Eliot's criticism and his poetry.

John Drexel
Is English Your Mother Tongue?
A review of books by Dick Davis, James Lasdun, and Mark Ford (2004).

The Poet in Winter
A review of Geoffrey Hill's The Orchards of Syon (2002).

F. D. Reeve's Tales
A review of two books by the American poet F. D. Reeve (2002).

Lost in Translation?
A review of American poet Dana Gioia's book on British poetry (2005).

Terra Incognita
A review of the New British Poetry anthology, edited by Don Paterson and Charles Simic (2006).

Language Uses Us For?
A review of the collected poems of W. S. Graham (2006).

Jocelyn Emerson
Among the Ruined Silver-darks
A review of Laurie Sheck's Black Series (2003).

John Erhardt
Confusion as an Operating Principle
A review of two books by Cort Day and Geoffrey Nutter (2002).

Katy Evans-Bush
Coping with Happiness
A review of the poetry of British poet Wendy Cope (2006).

There's No Place Like Home
A review of the poetry of Dorothy Molloy (2007).

Jack Foley
The Devil Divine
A review of Cole Porter's Selected Lyrics, edited for the Library of America (2006).

Soft & Hard Surrealism
A review of modern variations of Surrealism in the work of three poets (2006).

Taking Liberties
A review of the Library of America's edition of Louis Zukofsky (2007).

Andrew Frisardi
The Twilight Country
A review of the nature writing of John Haines (2008).

Black Suns on the Scales
A review of the collection The Blue Butterfly by Richard Burns (2008).

The Soul's House
A consideration of the career of American poet David Mason (2008).

The Role of the Poet-Critic
Garrick Davis interviews William Logan, the American poet and critic (2002).

The Role of the Poet-Critic II
Garrick Davis interviews Adam Kirsch, the American poet and critic (2002).

The Role of the Poet-Critic III
Garrick Davis interviews Dana Gioia, the American poet and critic (2003).

The Role of the Poet-Critic IV
Garrick Davis interviews Stephen Burt, the American poet and critic (2003).

The Role of the Poet-Critic V
Garrick Davis interviews Christian Wiman, the American poet and critic (2004).

The Role of the Poet-Critic VI
Garrick Davis interviews Timothy Steele, the American poet and critic (2005).

The Secret Glory
Ernest Hilbert interviews the American poet Franz Wright (2006).

The Confessionalist
Ernest Hilbert interviews the American poet W. D. Snodgrass (2007).

The Refining Instrument of Poetry
James Rother interviews the American poet Sherod Santos (2000).

Out of the Ashes
Rabindra K. Swain and Preston Merchant interview the Indian poet Jayanta Mahapatra (2004).

Painting the Fugitive Truth
Ethan Paquin talks with the American poet Eric Pankey (2001).

The Bird's Throat & the Budging Crocus
Aidan Fadden meets the Irish poet Brendan Kennelly in Dublin (1999).

Last of the Great Orientalists
William Gibson discusses the career of British poet and translator Peter Avery.

Tensegrity Poets
Louis Zukofsky
Randall Jarrell
Robert Creeley
Frank O'Hara
Jack Kerouac
Robert Duncan
Charles Olson
W.C. Williams

Anthology Culture

Majoring in Minor-Poet America
A review of The Criterion Book of Modern American Verse, edited by W. H. Auden.

Rodman's Eclectic Anthology
Mr. Rother discusses an out-of-print gem from 1949.

Woodstock Meets the New Surrealism
Mr. Rother reviews three anthologies from the 1960's.

Anthology Wars
Mr. Rother revisits the cultural battleground of 1950's anthologies (2003).

Uncompromisingly Plastic Constructs
Mr. Rother reviews the anthology A Controversy of Poets (2004).

William Gibson
Slightly Lovely Stuff
A review of James Schuyler's Last Poems, recently published in the UK (1999).

Light and Sound
A review of British poet John Heath-Stubbs' new book, The Sound of Light (1999).

Regan Good
Berryman & Shakespeare
A review of the Shakespeare essays of John Berryman (2003).

Andrew Goodspeed
Difficult & Unpleasant
A tribute to the poetry of Irish author Samuel Beckett (2007).

Waking Chant of Sunrise
A review of Kevin Ducey's book, Rhinoceros (2007).

The Cantankerous Contrarian
A review of the LOA's Selected Poems of John Berryman (2007).

J. K. Halligan
Telling the World
A review of the last poems of George Starbuck (1931-1996).

History Held Together with String
A review of Tom Paulin's The Invasion Handbook (2003).

Omaar Hena
Shakespeare's Inner Workings
A review of Helen Vendler's The Art of Shakespeare's Sonnets.  

Brian Henry
A Tremulous Debut
A review of Spencer Short's debut collection.

Monumental Narcissism
A review of Louise Gluck's The Seven Ages.

Eschatology and the Avant-Garde
A review of The Last Avant-Garde: The Making of the New York School of Poets by David Lehman (2000).

Going Nowhere
A review of Antony Dunn's first book, Pilots and Navigators (1999).

Ernest Hilbert
Mother's Milk
Mr. Hilbert examines the popularity of Billy Collins (2002).

I Sense Your Disdain Darling
Mr. Hilbert reviews Frederick Seidel's book, Ooga Booga (2007).

The Wages of Fame
Mr. Hilbert looks at the career of American poet Billy Collins (2006).

The Voice of the Poet
Mr. Hilbert looks at recorded poetry in this nine-part series (2005).

Artificer of Americana
Mr. Hilbert basks in the American sublime of John Updike (2005).

On and Off of Parnassus
Mr. Hilbert wonders at the Canadian rhythms of Anne Carson (2005).

Oedipus Redivivus
A review of Gjertrud Schnackenberg's The Throne of Labdacus (2003). 

The Sound of the Future
Mr. Hilbert discusses the poet's voice and the Internet (2003). 

The Pages of the Future
Mr. Hilbert discusses poetry and the uses of online media (2004). 

Corpus of Absolution
A review of English poet Geoffrey Hill's Orchards of Syon (2003).

Reviving Merrill
A review of James Merrill's Collected Poems (2001).

Beatnik Bohemia
Mr. Hilbert reviews The Beat Hotel by Barry Miles (2001).

Spender's World
Mr. Hilbert reconsiders Stephen Spender's autobiography, World Within World (2001).

Joan Houlihan
A Terrible Beauty
A review of three books by D. A. Powell (2004).

Invitations to a Far Reading
A review of three books of post-language poetry (2006).

No Poet Left Behind
A satirical survey of the MFA writing programs (2005).

What's Your Program Like?
Five MFA graduatas answer the hard questions (2005).

Pretty Pieces
A review of Nathaniel Bellows' book, Why Speak? (2007).

Sunil Iyengar
The Poetic Debut of Adam Kirsch
A review of Adam Kirsch's The Thousand Wells (2002).

Defenders of the Modernist-Romantic Tradition 
A review of the 10th anniversary edition of Dana Gioia's Can Poetry Matter?  (2003).

The Yellow Pages of Poetry
A review of the Norton Anthology of Modern & Contemporary Poetry (2004).

Tricks to Set the River On Fire
A review of Robert Lowell's Collected Poems (2004).

The Civilized Yawp
A review of William Baer's collected interviews with poets (2005).

Confidence Artist
A review of Mary Oliver's Why I Wake Early (2005).

A Further Range
An interview with the British poet Glyn MAxwell (2006).

Poet of the Underground
A close reading of Seamus Heaney's poem, "District and Circle" (2006).

Pounding the Catalogue
A review of the Ezra Pound exhibit at the University of Delaware Library (2006).

The Other Wiman
A review of the poetry of Poetry editor Christian Wiman (2007).

Maria Johnston
Life of the Mind
A review of Irish poet Caitríona O' Reilly's latest collection, The Sea Cabinet (2006).

Tracing the Roots of Metastasis
A review of Irish poet Paul Muldoon's book Horse Latitudes (2007).

Adam Kirsch
Young Poets Calling
A review of first books by David Yezzi and Joe Osterhaus (2006).

Young Poets Calling 2
A review of first books by Joshua Mehigan and A. E. Stallings (2006).

Young Poets Calling 3
A review of books by Thom Satterlee and Rachel Wetzsteon (2007).

Paul Lake
Laureate of the Plains
A review of Timothy Murphy's Very Far North (2002).

Three Decades of Mastery
A review of the selected poems of R. S. Gwynn.

The Shape of Poetry
Mr. Lake explains how science debunks free verse.

Disorderly Orders
Mr. Lake continues his discussion of free verse, metrics, and science.

The Enchanted Loom
Mr. Lake refutes postmodern linguistic theories, in the last of his three-part series (2003).

Poetry in the Mother Tongue
Mr. Lake discusses the myths of postmodernist and feminist theory (2004).

Poetry and Spilt Religion
Mr. Lake discusses the prospects for Christian verse in the contemporary world (2005).

Randall Mann
The Etiology of Rafael Campo
A review of Rafael Campo's fourth collection of poetry (2002).

Bland Ambition
A review of Nick Flynn's second collection, Blind Huber (2003).

Preston Merchant
Love & the Insurgency
A tribute to the Anglo-Indian poet Agha Shahid Ali (1949-2001).

The Dead Shiite's Kalashnikov
Mr. Merchant considers American poetry after 9/11.

Art & Leisure
A review of Frederick Seidel's Life on Earth.

The Recent Yalies
A review of the last two winners of the Yale Younger Poets Prize.

The Poet's Prose
A review of the 2000 Pulitzer Prize winner, Repair, and a memoir, Misgivings, both by C. K. Williams (2000).

At So Many Removes
A review of Richard Howard's new collection, Trappings (2000).

At Home in the Several Worlds
A review of the collected poetry and prose of the Indian poet A. K. Ramanujan (2004).

Indispensable Books of Indian Poetry
Mr. Merchant picks six of the best books of contemporary Indian poetry in English (2004).

Lorne Mook
Year of Turning 70
A review of Charles Wright's book, Littlefoot (2007).

Seeing Through the Eye
A review of Lawrence Sail's book, Eye-baby (2007).

Anthony Moore
Tiring the Sun with Poetry
A tribute to the Ledbury Poetry Festival in England (2004).

The Real Robert Lowell?
A review of The Letters of Robert Lowell (2005).

Obsessed with Writing
A review of Robert Lowell's Collected Poems (2004).

Ethan Paquin
Mixed Economy
A review of Anne Carson's Economy of the Unlost.

From the Correct Chinese
A review of Crossing the Yellow River: 300 Poems from the Chinese by Sam Hamill.

"Relativistic Ejecta"
Mr. Paquin reviews Signs and Abominations by Bruce Beasley.

Apt Vernacular
A review of two recent books by Yusef Komunyakaa, Thieves of Paradise and Talking Dirty to the Gods (2001).

Your Influences Here
A review of Other Traditions, a book of essays, by John Ashbery (2001).

A review of Pen Chants by Lissa Wolsak.

Devesh Patel
Vikram Seth: Poetry Of An Exile
A review of Vikram Seth's poetry (1998).

The Critic's Pleasure
A review of Martha Elizabeth's The Return of Pleasure (1998).

Marc Pietryzkowski
In This, Our Pinching Cave
A review of American poets Meg Kearney, Anthony Piccione, and Ray Gonzalez (2002).

War's Shrinking Lines A review of books by Ciaran Carson and Medbh McGuckian (2003).

The Grand Zeugma
A review of the career of American poet H. L. Hix (2003).

For Unclassified Occasions
A review of American poet Maya Angelou's collection of greeting cards available at Hallmark (2003).

Anxious of Eternity
A review of the English poet John Clare's life and work (2004).

Poet and Priest of God and Wales
A review of the Collected Later Poems of R. S. Thomas (2005).

The Revolution Will Not Be Poeticized
A review of books by Beat poets Ferlinghetti and Snyder(2006).

Justin Quinn
James Merrill's Friends & Critics
A review of two critical works about James Merrill.

The Edge of Ireland
A review of seven books by Irish authors (2005).

Ammons' Cookie-Cutter
A review of the career of American poet A. R. Ammons (2003).

Calls for Clarification
A review of two critical books by Irish critic Denis Donoghue (2003).

For the Record
A review of the selected interviews of Allen Ginsberg (2003).

Studying Sylvia
A review of Tim Kendall's book of criticism on Sylvia Plath.

Multicultural Melt
Mr. Quinn wonders why all multicultural poetry sounds the same.

Difficult Transitions
A review of Marilyn Hacker's Squares and Courtyards (2001).

Glossing the Ordinary
A review of John Koethe's The Constructor and his book of essays, Poetry at One Remove.

Of Grids, Flux, and the Patternless Expanse
A review of three new anthologies of 20th century poetry, edited by Michael Schmidt, Peter Forbes, and Simon Armitage.

A review of Lucille Clifton's Blessing the Boats: New and Selected Poems 1988-2000.

The Deregulated Critic
A review of three works of criticism, including The Deregulated Muse by Sean O'Brien (2000).

In the Grey Zone
A review of the recent English translations of Czech poet Miroslav Holub (2000).

J. S. Renau
Scanning Evil
A review of The Fuehrer Bunker by W. D. Snodgrass (2002).

Rich in the Loss
A review of the Selected Translations of W. D. Snodgrass (2003).

Of Scoundrels and Saints
A review of the criticism of W. D. Snodgrass (2003).

The Poetry We Deserve
A report on a panel of British poets, including Simon Armitage, Glyn Maxwell, and Paul Muldoon (2003).

Full Moon Fever
A review of Indian poet K. Chandrasekharan's first book.

Posturepedic Poetry
A review of Cairo Traffic by Lloyd Schwartz (2000).

"I Form the Light and Create Darkness"
A review of David Slavitt's translation of the book of Lamentations.

Risen Out of Necessity
A review of Jonathan Galassi's North Street (2001).

A Literary Montenegro
A review of Dana Gioia's lecture on "The Christian Writer Today" (2004).

A New Literary Government?
A review of a poetry panel with Adam Kirsch, Stephen Burt, and David Orr (2006).

Rules of Subversion
A review of David Caplan's study on poetic forms (2007).

Kathleen Rooney
Wave and Stone
A review of twelve recent long narrative poems (2005).

Sell Outs and Stanzas
A review of poetry books by rock stars and musicians (2006).

All My Pretty Selves
A review of a study devoted to post-Confessional poetry (2007).

Poetry at the Movies
A review of verse scribblers on the big silver screen (2007).

Jan Schreiber
Landscape with Banana Peels
A review of X. J. Kennedy's poetry (2004).

Wrestling with the Angel
A review of English translations of the German poet Rainier Rilke (2005).

Of Phonographs and Oily Birds
A review of the selected poems of Scottish poet Don Paterson (2004).

History for the Reformation
A review of Timothy Steele's history of prosody, Missing Measures (2004).

Sapphics for Students
A review of Timothy Steele's poetry textbook All the Fun's in How You Say A Thing (2004).

The Absolutist
A review of the poetry and criticism of Yvor Winters (2004).

Functions of Poetry
Mr. Schreiber talks about the uses, and meanings, of poetry in our day (2006).

Byrd or Cage?
A review of an anthology devoted to poetic forms (2007).

Farther South Than This
A review of Maxine Kumin's book Jack (2007).

Unguided and Apart
A review of the career of W. D. Snodgrass (2007).

5 Feet That Live Forever
A review of Robert Shaw's history of blank verse (2007).

In the Details
A review of W. S. DiPiero's New & Selected Poems (2008).

Stephen Schwartz
Under Empty Skies Falconers Weep
A survey of modern poetry in Ex-Yugoslavia and Albania (2004).

In Memoriam: Philip Lamantia
A tribute to the Surrealist poet Philip Lamantia (1927-2005).

On Kalmi Baruh Street
A personal memoir of the intersections between poetry and life (2004).

Ravi Shankar
Surveying the Landscape
A review of the first collections of three poets.

Tallying the Hemispheres
A review of books by Sean Singer and Daniel Bosch (2003).

Reformulating Forms
A close reading of two contemporary Indian poets (2004).

Output & Ingathering
A survey of first books by three young poets (2005).

Rabindra K. Swain
Speak, Ranjit
Mr. Swain reviews an anthology of 14 Indian poets (2002).

The Earth-Sense
A discussion of a Jayanta Mahapatra poem (2004).

The Essayist
A review of the collected essays of Indian poet A. K. Ramanujan (2003).

A Home Away From Home
A review of the last poetry and prose of the Indian poet A. K. Ramanujan.

Spinning the Web
A review of Bare Face, the latest collection by Indian poet Jayanta Mahapatra (2001). 

The Celebrations of Life Aren't Over Yet
A review of Painting the House, the Indian poet Bibhu Padhi's latest offering (2000).

James Rother
Englishing Ovid
A review of translations of the Roman poet Ovid.

A Made-Up Metric
A review of the poetry of Alan Williamson(2006).

Wrought Fiery-Hot
A review of Western Art by Deborah Greger (2006).

No More Than Offhanded Grace A review of The New British Poetry anthology edited by Don Paterson and Charles Simic (2006).

Glint of Bullion Hefted
A review of Where Shall I Wander by John Ashbery (2006).

Problems of Prosody
A look at the difficulties of contemporary versification (2005).

Out of the Notebooks A selection of fragments from the notebooks of CPR editor James Rother (2005).

The Untempered Clavier of Carl Phillips A review of The Rest of Love by Carl Phillips (2005).

To Play Noughts & Crosses A review of the selected poems of Carl Dennis (2005).

Phantom Excitement A review of Amy Gerstler's Ghost Girl (2005).

Where Minutiae Outweigh Aeons
A review of Pattiann Rogers' latest book, Generations (2005).

Decorum As Its Own Reward
A review of Elizabeth Spires' Now the Green Blade Rises (2005).

The Interpres-sive Lowell
A review of Robert Lowell's Collected Poems (2004).

Chalkboard Dyspepsias
A review of Music and Suicide by Jeff Clark (2004).

Lost in the Cave of the Mouth
A review of Talking with Poets, an anthology of interviews (2003).

Further News from the Rear
A review of John Ashbery's Chinese Whispers (2003).

Kitsch & the Talking Cure
A review of Diane Ackerman's Origami Bridges (2003).

"Boy Toys R Us"
A review of Daryl Hine's Puerilities, a translation of The Greek Anthology (2002).

A Feist on the Prowl
A review of the selected poems of Alan Dugan (2002).

Rilke Redux
A review of recent translations of Rainier Maria Rilke.

Yada, Yada, Yada for the Ages
Mr. Rother considers the career of John Ashbery.

Nodal and Bicameral
A review of Nicholas Christopher's The Creation of the Night Sky (2001).

Merrill the Prodigal
Mr. Rother looks back on the career of James Merrill (2001).

The Best Of The Best
A review of The Best American Poetry 2000, edited by Rita Dove (2000).

A Minoring of Major and Some Top Gunn
A review of Clarence Major's Configurations: New & Selected Poems 1958-1998 and Thom Gunn's Boss Cupid (2000).

Ricks Redusts A Classic
A review of the new edition of the Oxford Book of English Verse, edited by Christopher Ricks (2000).

The Hawk In The Rain Revisited
A review of Ted Hughes' first book of poems, published in 1957 (1999).

A Star to Pilot By
A review of The Pilot Star Elegies by Sherod Santos (1999).

Singing the Body Electric
A discussion of the future of poetry in a computer age (1998).

Birthday Letters
A review of Ted Hughes' Birthday Letters (1998).

On Contemporary American Poetry
A review of contemporary poetry since the 1960's (1998).

D. H. Tracy
The Fiddle & the Violin
Mr. Tracy considers the popularity of poetry in the modern world (2003).

Qeequeg & the Rapmaster
A review of English poet Geoffrey Hill's Speech! Speech! (2003).

Chance Enchantments
A review of American poet Diane Thiel's Echolocations (2003).

Compulsive Imaginative Acquisitiveness
A review of Wild Kingdom by Vijay Seshadri (2003).

Paradise Misplaced
A review of Sarah Manguso's The Captain Lands in Paradise (2003).

Programmatic Americanism
Mr. Tracy discusses Hart Crane and the American epic poem (2003).

Serendipitous Verse
A review of English poet Michael Ondaatje's Handwriting (2003).

Man of Constant Sorrow
A review of Ultima Thule by Davis McCombs (2003).

Choose A or B
A review of Randall Jarrell's letters and Stephen's Burt book on the poet (2003).

The Mystic Rationalist
A review of American poet William Logan's sixth book, Macbeth in Venice (2004).

A Gull's Game
A review of Louise Bogan's poetry and criticism (2004).

Wakka Wakka
A review of Vijay Seshadri's book The Long Meadow (2007).

Aspects of Robinson
A review of the career of American poet E. A. Robinson (2007).

David Wheatley
Eikon Basilike
David Wheatley admires the difficulties of Peter Didsbury.

Courage Means Running?
Mr. Wheatley  considers the poem "Aubade" by Philip Larkin (2003).

Billycan Campfire Tinniness
A review of Irish poet Tom Paulin's collection The Wind Dog (2003).

"None of Us Likes It"
A review of six poet-critics of the United Kingdom (2002).

How to Die
A review of Peter Reading's Ob.

A Dublin Ghost
Mr. Wheatley discusses the obscure Irish poet James Clarence Mangan (1803-1849).

Orpheus Risen
A review of Seamus Heaney's book District and Circle (2006).

Sonny Williams
Beyond the Confessional
A review of Jenny Factor's Unraveling at the Name (2002).

The Age of Anthologies
A review of four poetry anthologies (2004).

If the Laurel Fits
A review of American poet laureate Ted Kooser's book, Delights & Shadows (2005).

Tell Me A Story of Deep Delight
A review of book-length narrative poems, including Kevin Young and Bill Tremblay (2006).

Twanging of the Harp
A review of American poet Mary Oliver's book Thirst (2007).

Twinkle Twinkle Mighty Tome
A review of the Norton Anthology of Children's Literature (2007).

This Doesn't Suck
A review of Stephen Dobyn's book Mystery, So Long (2007).

Merryn Williams
Must Poetry Be Difficult?
A review of new books by Gerrie Fellows and Alice Fulton (2001).

Letter From Britain
A discussion of the 2000 Forward Prize, and the death of the Welsh poet R. S. Thomas (2000).

Three Female Poets
A review of new books by Linda Gregg, Alicia Suskin Ostriker, and Anita Skeen (2000).

James Matthew Wilson
To Cloak the Emptiness
A review of the poetry of the philosopher George Santayana (2006).

Four Ways
A general discussion of the relation between poetry and religion (2006).

Sentimental Education
A review of Joseph Parisi's anthology 100 Essential Modern Poems (2007).

Steps amid a Ruined Colonnade
A study of the role of poetry in the Academy (2007).


1998-2008 Contemporary Poetry Review