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Alfred Corn is the author of nine books of poems, the most recent titled Contradictions, which appeared with Copper Canyon Press in 2002. He has published a collection of critical essays, titled The Metamorphoses of Metaphor and a novel, Part of His Story. In 2001 Abrams brought out Aaron Rose Photographs, for which he supplied the introduction. Fellowships and prizes awarded for his poetry include the Guggenheim, the NEA, an Award in Literature from the Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, and one from the Academy of American Poets. For 2004-2005, he holds the Amy Clampitt residency in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Alfred Corn Has written the following articles:

The Verse Hard-wired

Harbour Lights by Derek Mahon. The Gallery Press, 2005.

As Reviewed By: Alfred Corn

Myths about poetry and its production resist rational criticism, and we may be wasting our time trying to deconstruct the fable that English-language poetry has unfolded under what might be called a presiding genius, a directive energy moving from place to place at different points in history.… continue reading...

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Gleanings from the Cutting-Room Floor: Alfred Corn on Elizabeth Bishop

Edgar Allan Poe & The Juke Box: Uncollected Poems, Drafts, and Fragments by Elizabeth Bishop, edited and annotated by Alice Quinn. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 367 pp., $30.

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“Than Longen Folk to Goon on Pilgrimages”

A Meditation on Pilgrimage and Poetry

As Reviewed By: Alfred Corn

Oxfordshire: A contingent of scholars from the University of Tulsa has come to Wroxton Abbey, near Banbury, to spend a month in relative seclusion while working on private projects and participating in a series of seminars designed to foster interdepartmental collegiality.… continue reading...

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August Kleinzahler & Anger Management

Red Sauce, Whiskey & Snow. FSG, 1996.

Green Sees Things in Waves. FSG, 1999.

Live from the Hong Kong Nile Club: Poems 1975-1990. FSG, 2000.

The Strange Hours Travelers Keep.continue reading...

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No Kidding: Two Debut Volumes

The Calligraphy Shop by Ben Downing. Zoo Press, 2003. Paper, $14.95. 46 pages.

The Hidden Model by David Yezzi. Triquarterly Books/Northwestern, 2003. Hardcover $39.95; paper, $11.95.continue reading...

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