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Anthony Moore is the author of critical essays published by Routledge, Journal of Modern Literature, The Boston Sunday Globe, and English. He teaches twentieth-century and contemporary literature, especially poetry and drama, at Boston University’s Metropolitan College. His graduate degrees were earned in literary modernism (Master’s, University of London) and nineteenth- and twentieth-century American Literature (PhD, Boston University). In 2000 he was a Mellon Fellow at the Ransom Center. Before concentrating on literature, he spent thirty-five years in commerce and was Chairman and CEO of international food companies based in Britain.

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Both Home & Away: Anthony Moore Reviews Seamus Heaney

District and Circle by Seamus Heaney. FSG, 2006. 76 pages. Digging for Poems I fancy I know more about Seamus Heaney’s back than anyone not related to him. He had given one of his lectures as Oxford Professor of Poetry and joined a crowd of us from his audience in the pub next door to […]

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The Real Robert Lowell? 

The Letters of Robert Lowell, edited by Saskia Hamilton. FSG, 852 pages. $40 By: Anthony Moore Robert Traill Spence Lowell IV (1917-1977) came into the world high on the social ladder. As the jingle first heard in the year he was born has it, there were only two rungs higher in Boston “where the Lowells […]

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Tiring the Sun with Poetry 

Ledbury Poetry Festival, July 2004 By: Anthony Moore I wish Edward Thomas (that poet) were here to ponder gulfs in general with me as in the days when he and I tired the sun with talking on the footpaths and stiles of Ledington and Ryton (Robert Frost, “A Romantic Chasm”) Those days, at the start […]

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Writing to their Higher Selves: Anthony Moore on Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell

Words in Air: The Complete Correspondence Between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell. Edited by Thomas Travisano with Saskia Hamilton. Farrar Straus Giroux, $45.  “Please never stop writing me letters—they always manage to make me feel like my higher self (I’ve been re-reading Emerson) for several days.” – Letter #218, July 27, 1960.   In January 1947, […]

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Obsessed with Writing

Collected Poems of Robert Lowell. Edited by Frank Bidart and David Gewanter. Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, 2003. 1181 pages. $45. As Reviewed By: Anthony Moore I. Elizabeth Bishop’s grateful publicity blurb for Life Studies (1959) vividly measures the space Robert Lowell filled at that time. “Somehow or other, by fair means or foul, and in […]

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