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Devesh Patel is currently writing a novel and lives in Chicago. 

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The Critic’s Pleasure:  To Say What One Frankly Thinks

The Return of Pleasure by Martha Elizabeth. Roth Publishing, 1996. As Reviewed By: Devesh Patel I have never read Martha Elizabeth’s poetry before, but on the back cover of the collection The Return of Pleasure, one reviewer notes that “[r]arely does one read a book of poetry that gives such easy delight… ” I disagree. […]

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Vikram Seth: Poetry Of An Exile

Books mentioned in this review: The Humble Administrator’s Garden (Carcanet, 1985) All You Who Sleep Tonight (Knopf, 1990) Beastly Tales (Viking, 1991) The Golden Gate (Random House, 1986) As Reviewed By: Devesh Patel I want a poet, an uncommon want–and the poet wants form, something the uncommon critic will hopefully understand. And maybe Vikram Seth […]

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