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G.M. Palmer writes, preaches, teaches, and wrangles children on an urban farm in Northeast Florida. A founding editor of Strong Verse Poetry Magazine, his poems and reviews can be found in Anti-, Roger, Ezra, The Loch Raven Review, Florida English, Chelsea, and elsewhere. His debut book is With Rough Gods. Previous reviews, criticism, cantankerousness, and theory can be found on his blog.

G. M. Palmer Has written the following articles:

All Messed Up: G.M. Palmer on Matthew Dickman

Reviewed: Mayakovsky’s Revolver by Matthew Dickman. Norton, 2012.

Shot full of suicides, clichés, and sex, Matthew Dickman’s Mayakovsky’s Revolver is a collection of poems not unlike A Confederacy of Dunces—a mediocre work made important by personal tragedy. … continue reading...

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Too Cool for School: G. M. Palmer on Broetry

Reviewed: Broetry by Brian McGackin. Quirk Books, 2011. $12.95

Broetry’s title jumps into a spot your mind didn’t know was there. Sure, you know “bros” and you know “poetry,” and it somehow seems more than natural for a book called Broetry to appear in your hands.… continue reading...

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