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J. K. Halligan is the author of Blossom Street and other poems (2001), available online through Amazon UK. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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History Held Together with String

As Reviewed By: J. K. Halligan The Invasion Handbook by Tom Paulin. Faber & Faber, 2002. In the poem “Surveillances”, from his second collection, The Strange Museum (1980), Tom Paulin addressed the anonymous inhabitants of Northern Ireland who made their homes near a prison- And if you would swop its functions For a culture of bungalows […]

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Telling the World

As Reviewed By: J. K. Halligan Invisible Ink by George Starbuck. Edited by Kathryn Starbuck and Elizabeth Meese. The University of Alabama Press, 2002. 82 pp. $24.95. The late George Starbuck (1931 – 1996) did not live to see his final work gathered into a collection. It was left to his widow to assemble the […]

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