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Jan Schreiber is a poet and critic. His books include Digressions, Wily Apparitions, and Bell Buoys, as well as two books of translations: A Stroke upon the Sea and Sketch of a Serpent. His poems and reviews have appeared in the Hudson Review, the Southern Review, Agenda, the Formalist, and many other publications, as well as on-line journals and anthologies. A song cycle, Zeno’s Arrow, based on seven of his poems, was composed by Paul Alan Levi and premiered in 2001.

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CPR Classic Readings

Reviewed By: Jan Schreiber

Read: X. J. Kennedy’s “The Pacifier”

It’s rare nowadays to find maxims and adages embedded in poems, though verses were once a common and accepted way of transmitting received wisdom.… continue reading...

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The Achievements of Anthony Hecht

Collected Earlier Poems by Anthony Hecht. Alfred A. Knopf, 1990.

Collected Later Poems by Anthony Hecht. Alfred A. Knopf, 2003.

As Reviewed By: Jan Schreiber

For years I resisted the temptation to sum up Anthony Hecht’s work as a single, completed whole.… continue reading...

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