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David M. Katz's second book of verse, Claims of Home, Poems 1984-2010 , was published in 2011 by Dos Madres Press. His poems have appeared in Poetry, The New Criterion, The Paris Review, The New Republic, Shenandoah, The Notre Dame Review and will appear in PN Review and The Raintown Review. His first book, The Warrior in the Forest, , was published by House of Keys in 1982.

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“Effulgent” by David M. Katz (A parody)


“Effulgent” by David M. Katz

          Part seemed she of the effulgent thought“Her Initials,” Thomas Hardy

Glitter, brilliance, candor, dazzle;
Luster, splendor, lambent lightness;
She evokes a lucid ghazal
All shot through with flashing brightness:
Of those words, he chose “effulgent.”

Anhedonic to a fault, dour
Hardy’s verse betrays his waning
Adolescent self in flower,
Breaking up while it was raining.

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Thomas Hardy: The Flexible Strength of “Neutral Tones”

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