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Marc Pietrzykowski has published poems and reviews in The Antioch Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, Rhino, Exquisite Corpse, Red River Review, Pinyon, White Crow, Figdust, and River Oak Review. He lives in Atlanta, where he is enrolled in the graduate program at Georgia State University.

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In This Our Pinching Cave,  Shall We Discourse:  Three Recent Books  from BOA Editions

An Unkindness of Ravens by Meg Kearney. BOA Editions, 2002. $12.95, 81 pps. The Guests at the Gate by Anthony Piccione. BOA Editions, 2002. $13.95, 68 pps. The Hawk Temple at Tierra Grande by Ray Gonzalez. BOA Editions, 2002. $13.95, 105 pps. As Reviewed By: Marc Pietrzykowski For all their cant about being shamen of […]

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Priest and Poet  of God and of Wales 

Collected Later Poems by R. S. Thomas. Bloodaxe, 2004. 368 pages, $25.95. As Reviewed By: Marc Pietrzykowski “And I that have not your faith, how shall I know That in the blinding light beyond the grave We’ll find so good a thing as that we have lost?” —W. B. Yeats, King and No King The […]

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Anxious of Eternity:  Building a Nest  for John Clare

John Clare: A Biography by Jonathan Bate. Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 2003. 650 pps. $40.00 ‘I am’: The Selected Poetry of John Clare, edited by Jonathan Bate. Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 2003. 318 pps. $17.00 As Reviewed By: Marc Pietrzykowski I. O thus while musing wild, I’m doubly blest My woes unheeding and my heart […]

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For Unclassified Occasions and Purposes: The Maya Angelou Life Mosaic Collection at Hallmark

“The Maya Angelou Life Mosaic Collection.” Available at Hallmark Cards and Gifts. Various pieces, priced from $7.99 to $49.99. As Reviewed By: Marc Pietrzykowski Maya Angelou’s new “Life Mosaic Collection” at Hallmark arrives at a time of crisis in the world of greeting card verse. Despite the fact that the audience for inspirational verse has […]

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The Grand Zeugma:  The Poetic Project  of H. L. Hix

As Easy As Lying: Essays on Poetry by H. L. Hix. Etruscan Press, 2002. 148 pps., $17.95 Surely As Birds Fly by H. L. Hix. Truman State Press, 2002. 72 pps., 14.95$ Rational Numbers by H. L. Hix. Truman State Press, 2000. 64 pps., 15$ Perfect Hell by H. L. Hix. Gibbs Smith, 1996. 80 […]

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“The Revolution  Will Not be Poeticized…” 

Americus, Book 1, by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. New Directions, 2004. 91 pages, $21.95. The Unsubscriber, by Bill Knott. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2004. 122 pages, $20.00. danger on peaks, by Gary Snyder. Shoemaker and Hoard, 2004. 112 pages, $22.00. As Reviewed By: Marc Pietrzykowski The idea that poetic conventions inevitably ossify and inhibit creative expression is […]

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Three Things to Forget About Contemporary Poetry

As Reviewed By: Marc Pietrzykowski I. Forget About Marketing F. T. Marinetti’s publication of the Futurist Manifesto in Le Figaro on Feb. 20, 1909, managed to shock its readers by melding a traditional form-the individual or collaborative statement of disputation against an orthodoxy-with the language of Revolution, or, as it was later called, Marketing: “Look […]

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The Shrinking Lines of War: Marc Pietrzykowski on Ciaran Carson and Medbh McGuckian 

Reviewed: Breaking News by Ciaran Carson. Wake Forest University Press, 59 pps. The Soldiers of the Year II, by Medbh McGuckian. Wake Forest University Press, 130pps. Most readers familiar with the work of Irish poet Ciaran Carson will have noticed by now that his line is shrinking. The long, looping, snarled syntax of Carson’s early, […]

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