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David X. Novak is a poet and playwright living in Chicago. His books include Against Holy War and Sonnets, published by Non Fit Press. He is a member of The Society of Midland Authors, and a former contributing editor for The Chicago Poetry Letter News.

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The Man Who Killed Poetry: Joseph Epstein And His Essays

It is nearly twenty-five years since Joseph Epstein published his now famous essay—or as Dana Gioia referred to it, his “mordant 1988 critique”—under the flashy title “Who Killed Poetry?” (Commentary, August 1988)

“A brilliant polemicist,” Gioia wrote, “Epstein intended his essay to be incendiary, and it did ignite an explosion of criticism.” That came from a similar-themed essay written by Gioia less than three years later (also with an interrogatory title), which went on to report: “No recent essay on American poetry has generated so much violently negative criticism from poets themselves [including “an extravagantly acrimonious symposium in the AWP Chronicle (the journal of the Associated Writing Programs)” when it was reprinted].… continue reading...

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