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Roy Nicosia is a fellow of the Institute for Metrical Research (located in Hailey, Idaho) and his poems have appeared in various reviews, including Revue des Lettres et des Arts, La Révolution Surréaliste, Soiuz Molodezhi, and Blast. He is completing his doctoral thesis under the direction of Dr. Ducasse. His lectures on amphigory have taken him through four continents and eight longitudes.

Roy Nicosia Has written the following articles:

Short Cuts: Roy Nicosia on a Post-Dementia Poet

Reviewed: Sunday Houses the Sunday House by Elizabeth Hughey. University of Iowa Press, 2006. (Winner of the 2006 Iowa Poetry Prize.)

Forty years ago, Randall Jarrell sadly proclaimed that the gods who had taken away the poet’s readers had replaced them with students.… continue reading...

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Making the Angels Wince: Roy Nicosia on Frances Payne Adler

Making the Angels Wince

Reviewed:  The Making of a Matriot by Frances Payne Adler. Red Hen Press, 2003. 100 pages, $13.95.

The Making of a Matriot is the sort of book that makes one embarrassed for poets in general, and Frances Payne Adler in particular.… continue reading...

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