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The Craft of Poetry: A Bibliography of Resources in English

1. Precursors / chronological by country A) England Gascoigne, George.  “Certayne Notes of Instruction concerning the making of verse or ryme in English…” In The Posies of George Gascoigne. London: Richard Smith, 1575.[1] Puttenham, George.  The Art of English Poesy: A Critical Edition. 1589.  Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2007. Lancelot, Claude. Quatre Traitez de […]

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The Craft of Poetry: A Bibliography of Resources in English (Introduction)

Few fields have ever been transformed by bibliographical work in the way that literary prosody was changed by the publication of T. V. F. Brogan’s English Versification, 1570 – 1980: A Reference Guide with a Global Appendix (or “EVRG” to its admirers).  It is no exaggeration to say that what Brogan accomplished is comparable to […]

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The Hard to Get Rid Of: Jason Guriel on Recently Published Poems

(An Occasional Series: Part One)     Poems reviewed in this article:  “From a Window” by Christian Wiman, from the Atlantic (July/August 2008). Reprinted with permission of the author. “Gesundheit” by Robyn Sarah, from Maisonneuve (Summer 2008). “Gesundheit” is in Sarah’s forthcoming collection Pause for Breath (Biblioasis, 2009), and reprinted with permission of the publisher. “Infomercial […]

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Some Problems with Modern Polish Poetry in Translation

In 2008, Horace Engdahl, chair of the Swedish Academy that awards the Noble Prize Committee in Literature, made a fair point when he said that Americans “don’t translate enough,” as one of the reasons why few Americans are on the short list for the prize. Alas, that’s true in regard to literature in many languages. […]

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The Problems of Prosody

Why Quality Control in Poetry Need Not Be Blindsided by Traditionalism As Reviewed By: James Rother For decades now, responsible elements within the critical community have disagreed over how to save American poetry from itself. The matter vs. antimatter struggle pitting “strong measures” Parnassians against anything-goes free versers has lost little of its rancor after […]

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Englishing Ovid

Concerning Some Recent Versions of the Metamorphoses by Ovid. As Reviewed By: James Rother [Unless otherwise attributed, all translations are the author’s.] It is remarkable, but hardly strange, that the works of Roman poet Publius Ovidius Naso (better known as Ovid [43 B.C.-17 A.D.], and spanning the emperies of Augustus and Tiberius), have been enjoying […]

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Reformulating Forms 

A Close Reading of Two Contemporary Indian Poets As Reviewed By: Ravi Shankar The world’s largest secular democracy has been exporting its letters in English for a few literary generations, but in the wake of a few luminaries—Rabindranath Tagore or more recently, Arundhati Roy—many strident, lyrical voices have gone unrecognized (after all, this wave of […]

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On Kalmi Baruh Street 

By: Stephen Schwartz This is an intensely personal, and elliptical, and non-Aristotelian story. As a young man I looked for a poem, afraid I could not find it. And even after I found it, I kept looking. I was told by a distinguished Brazilian “concrete poet,” who visited California but whose name I have forgotten: some poems […]

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In Memoriam: Philip Lamantia (1927-2005)

By: Stephen Schwartz On March 7, the North American poet Philip Lamantia, the only successful English-language versifier in the French surrealist style to appear in this hemisphere, died of heart failure in San Francisco, his native city, at 77. Lamantia was also a pioneer in the use of hallucinogenic drugs by intellectuals in the United […]

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“Under Empty Skies Falconers Weep”

A Personal Survey of Modern Verse in Ex-Yugoslavia and Albania (Part II) As Reviewed By: Stephen Schwartz II. Modern Bosnian literature As should be seen throughout the present essay, translation is a difficult art, especially when dealing with poets from a cultural context so different from ours, as North Americans. The challenge of translation was recently […]

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