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Editor's Note
The Contemporary Poetry Review is pleased to publish selected chapters from a critical work-in-progress by James Rother. This book, provisionally titled Tensegrity Poets: Ground Zero for the Creation of the New American Poem 1955-1965, will discuss such movements as the Black Mountain School, the Beats, and the Objectivists. Inquiries from publishers can be sent to the Contemporary Poetry Review. A prospectus is available.

An Occluded Spendor
A review of All: The Shorter Poems of Louis Zukofsky (1965).

The Sage of Rhythmopoeia
A review of Mexico City Blues by Jack Kerouac (1959).

All For Love
A review of Robert Creeley's For Love: Poems 1950-1960 (1962).

Poetry & the Age
A review of Randall Jarrell's Poetry & the Age (1953).

The Opening of the Field
A review of Robert Duncan's The Opening of the Field (1960).

The Distances
A review of Charles Olson's The Distances (1960).

Journey to Love After Four Decades
A review of William Carlos Williams' classic book (1959).

An American Classic Revisited
A review of Frank O' Hara's Meditations in an Emergency (1957).


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