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Editor's Note
The Contemporary Poetry Review is pleased to publish selected chapters from a critical work-in-progress by James Rother. This book is provisionally titled Anthology Culture: A Survey of the Trend-setting Anthologies of American Verse 1955-1975. Inquiries from publishers can be sent to the Contemporary Poetry Review. A prospectus is available. 

Rodman's Eclectic Anthology
Mr. Rother discusses an out-of-print gem from 1949.

Woodstock Meets the New Surrealism
Mr. Rother reviews three anthologies from the 1960's.

Majoring in Minor-Poet America
A review of The Criterion Book of Modern American Verse, edited by W. H. Auden.

Anthology Wars
Mr. Rother revisits the cultural battleground of 1950's anthologies (2003).

Uncompromisingly Plastic Constructs
Mr. Rother reviews the anthology A Controversy of Poets (2004). 


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