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The Lost Children of America 

A Poem by Jayanta Mahapatra



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One Response to “The Lost Children of America ”

  1. Ryan says:

    “The Lost Children of America” deals with very interesting metanarratives still resonating the heart strings of the somewhat dispossessed American youth. The author does an excellent job at conveying the overarching tone of my generation, the tone of a postmodern world that humanity has not evolved into yet. For me, this poem represents an articulation of the emotional hazards that American youth are forced to deal with, issues that escape the teachings of a modernist upbringing. The last line describes the essence of postmodernity, and the reason I believe this generation echos a tone of disenfranchisement to the conventions of a changing culture and society. ” … The burden of understood things billows upward like smoke,” illustrating the uncertainty about the place of honor, morality and values that escape a postmodern understanding of reality. This moral relativist understanding of culture frees up a place for a greater freedom to emerge, a place where individuals construct their own moral principals free from dogmatic narratives and social convention. I believe strongly that in a postmodern world, if we are indeed in one, the challenge facing this generation and the successive ones is to reconstruct our own code of freedoms, rights and moral ways of existing in this postmodern age. We would do well to realize this, freeing ourselves from existence to actually live a life worth living.


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