“Five Stars. The Contemporary Poetry Review is one of the web’s better critical ezines, featuring reviews of poetry books and literary criticism related to the art of poetry.” –The Web’s BEST Poetry Sites

“I admire the CPR and think it’s been good for poetry.” –Alice Quinn

“I used to follow a great many journals in my field, which is modern and contemporary poetry. Today I read far fewer.  Most publications now seem more or less interchangeable—the poetry mostly forgettable and the critical prose generic. Perhaps I’m getting old and tired, but I’ve noticed that most of my peers also seem to follow these publications with less interest. Perhaps we are in a poetry slump. I now read about half a dozen journals regularly, plus the online Contemporary Poetry Review.” –Dana Gioia, The Chronicle of Higher Education

“CPR is a subscriber online journal dedicated to lively criticism and review of contemporary poets and poetry. Less academic than much criticism, and not afraid to publish potentially unpopular perspectives on today’s writers and reassessments of the 20th-c. ‘canon.’ Worth the money if you like to think about what you read or want to understand what real literary analysis actually entails.” –Ann E. Michael

“The CPR is an intelligently-written and organized publication.” – Archipelago magazine

“Begun in 1998 and devoted exclusively to the no holds barred review of and essays about poetry, there is a wealth of bristled, in-depth critical writing in this monthly, from diverse, authoritative perspectives.” –Big City Lit magazine

“Excellent academic journal covering both sides of the Atlantic.” – E-poetryinmotion

“Why We Love It: Contemporary Poetry Review is the poet’s newspaper. Anyone with a devotion to fine literature will find a home here. Discover new classics and be entertained with interviews and reviews.”  – Our 50 Favorite Poetry Blogs

“CPR is both an acronym and a wish fulfillment for those with the heart to appreciate and absorb the art, artfulness and artifacts of poetry.” –Scott Thouard

“[Garrick Davis] proposes … nothing less than a re-education of the so-called literate public, to teach it to appreciate the rigor that is central to both the production and the reception of the best poetry of an age. Davis is deadly serious about his task. In fact, if anything is missing in his approach, it’s humor; there’s an almost cultivated lack of it. But CPR’s feat is to have brought to readers a journal wholly devoted to the criticism of poetry. This must be unique in the annals of publishing. The result is that—beyond gathering together a small band of judicious and discerning critics with an array of interests (most of them poets themselves)—broader issues pertaining to poetry and its reception in general that were hitherto diffused in the rough and tumble of contemporary arts commentary, are here brought into sharper focus. One comes away feeling that there really is a coherent and vital debate going on.”—Martin Earl, Web del sol magazine

The CPR is “eloquent if sometimes cranky….”–Stephen Burt, Poetry magazine 

“Contemporary Poetry Review operates as one of many modern-day LITERARY CENSORING ORGANIZATIONS akin to the Catholic Church of yesteryear which put together the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. Democracy continues its downward spiral thanks in part to the democracy-indifferent, censoring editor of CPR.” –The American Dissident blog

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